• Current opened records

  • Organisational Units

  • The list of Organisational Units provides context on the League / IFRC departments, services, etc. that created the records found in the IFRC Archives. It provides official names of departments, services, etc., indicates hierarchical links between them, and describes administrative histories of departments, services, etc.. 


    Research on the organisational structures and administrative history of the League / IFRC is ongoing so most entries consist only of an organisational unit name.


    The list of Organisational Units does not provide direct links to the archival records (see instead “Central Registry”, “Non-Registry” or “Statutory Bodies”). The series, subseries and file entries in “Central Registry”, “Non-Registry” or “Statutory Bodies” indicate which organisational unit(s) were responsible for creating records. Clicking on the organisational unit name in a series, subseries, or file entry will produce a list of all series, subseries, and files created by that organisational unit.