Sensitive Content & Copyright Disclaimer

• Please be advised that our library and archive catalogue descriptions, and especially titles of publications and files, may occasionally re-use outdated and harmful language provided by creators or former holders of the materials. We recognize that original description holds inherent research value, and we work to contextualize that information using descriptive notes that address the need to leave the description in place. Likewise, some historical materials in our collections may contain outdated and harmful language. By providing access to these materials in physical or digital form, we recognize that they hold inherent research value and can play a vital role in helping us learn from the past. To report potentially harmful language in our descriptions, email us at: note that the IFRC does not alter the content of the original records. The IFRC will determine whether to change or remove terms from our descriptions based on considerations such as accurate cataloguing of the historical materials.

• The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) or a third party hold copyright to library publications and archive documents. You may access and download a publication or document or any part of it for private and non-commercial research purposes. You may not however reproduce, distribute, publish, modify, copy, translate into other languages or adapt the publication or document or any part of it without the prior written permission of the IFRC or the third party.